To the End

To the End

This one has the colour turned right up, since the camera doesn’t pick up red very well, as seen in the pic below.

To the End 2

So, using a little imagination, the actual painting is somewhere in between the bright and the dark.

This painting is all about brightness and darkness, and moving forward to a time when there is no more darkness.  It is a Biblical timeline in visual format, starting from the outer edges, and moving inward to the centre.  The twelve ‘lights’ in the four corners represent the twelve apostles of Christ, and each of the glowing dots of varying brightness are those who are lit up with Love.  There are two fiery times of testing, one before the thousand year reign of Christ, and one afterward.  These are represented by the red outer and inner circles.  After the second time of testing (inner red circle), God is with mankind which is the end of the entire story of the Bible.  The large glowing centre of the painting represents the brightness of pure Love completely filling all existence.

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