Artwork: a small collection

I pulled these artworks out of storage and photographed them this morning.


I call this one “Inner Strength.”  Still see more in it each time I pull it out of hiding.


A portrait in pencil…


This one looked a bit faded in the photo, so I brightened it up a bit in Shotwell, which makes it a bit easier to see the flame effect in the hands.  Detail of a larger drawing.

DSC07608 DSC07607

You know, I can’t remember what I named this one, and I think it was “Blood is Thicker Than Water”  Nope, just remembered, I called it “Fragile Flames.”  🙂

rainbow lady


At the time when I drew the ‘Rainbow Lady’ I wished there was a way to make the light shine through the work.  I have enjoyed playing around with the light in my Shotwell Photo Editor.  I enjoy this one more on a backlit computer screen, than on paper.


This is one I drew very shortly after the birth of my first child.  It’s getting a little ragged.  I still like it.  It is the first of many coloured pencil drawings I did, as it is a clean way of producing art and can be picked up and put down to fit in with the demands of  a young family.


This one was drawn around the same time.  Never completed, and yet never will be.  It is very much about creation and birth.  It’s a living process.  A work in progress…


It was fun painting this one over top of newspaper!


A watercolour from the late eighties.  Secretly I call this one “Family Tree.”  Still can’t remember what I called it at the time.  It hung in a gallery for a time…


This one bent my mind, as part of an art class exercise.  It has warm and cool colours that had to be juxtaposed in certain ways.

Please let me know if you’d like a full sized download of any of my artworks.  Just name a price on an email to me  and I will email you the image file.

(For personal use only, not for commercial reproduction).  Copyright of these works belongs to me, Anasera Trifonoff, a.k.a. WilderSoul. © 2013

8 thoughts on “Artwork: a small collection

  1. Awe! Some honest Art Work to comment on! I like the work in progress one! There are lots of good one. You’re a good Arteest! Cheers! Oh, and honerable mention goes to the sentive fire drops! Excellent topic… Your comments are well constructed as well…

    • Thank you for your encouraging appraisal! I’ve visited your blog and left a quick note about butterflies… I have a black and white colouring book blog ( in addition to this colourful art blog. Also there is some poetry and general blogging at Thanks for the visit!

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