Pegged and hung out to dry

peg shadow 4


It is a peg, or is it some sort of crazy inkblot photo?  Now get comfortable on the couch, and tell me what you see in the shadows…  No really it is a peg.  Well, a mere shadow of a peg…


peg shadow 3


Ahh, now looking a lot less peggly.


peg shadow 5


Some of these peg-shadow images have a distinct ‘cliffhanger’ feel to them. Could that be a tightrope from one island cliff to another?  And what is that shadowy tumbleweed behind the solitary upright pegman?  Do you think he’s ready to cross the great divide?  If I had my way, I would hang this on the wall (instead of the clothesline), and call it “Without a Shadow of a Doubt.”


peg shadow 6


I’ll call this one “Towel-dried.”


peg shadow 2


Definitely a peg!  Or is it a handstand?  Ooh I better not look at it too long it has an inkblot effect on my mind!


peg shadow 1



My favourite perhaps because it is a nice bright colour.  I am wearing this shirt right now.  It hasn’t got these shadows on it any more though.  What does your imagination tell you about this one?  Anyone having glacial thoughts?


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