net landscape 3


Personally I believe this is best seen from a distance.  We have a net curtain which is too long and I bunched it up on the windowsill to keep it up off the floor.  It was a clear bright Autumn morning and the light glowing through the folds of the netting captured my attention.  I caught a few ‘landscape’ shots in the netting, which I will call ‘net-scapes.’  It reminds me of the digital world being created by animators (CGI operators simulating a virtual world).  If I were in 1840 no-one would have a clue what I was saying!

net landscape 2


Aurora Borealis net-scape style!  Actually I see a horse…  Actually, I see more as I keep looking. Do you?

net landscape 1


Up close and personal.  Caught in the net.


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