Mannequin in the Spotlight: Photo-essay *Warning – Nude Mannequin*


Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it really is a naked mannequin.  They were on sale real cheap at a clothing shop which sadly closed down.  They have coat hanger hooks in their necks and hang up high as a window display, or along the walls, with dresses flowing down off them, normally.  This one was propped up against my art chest, with the sun shining through from the back.  I don’t know why I bought them really, and don’t know what it was about the light shining through that attracted my eye.  I have enjoyed turning the mannequin different colours.  A different sort of ‘colouring in’ which changes the mood of the photo…


This one is pretty close to normal colour, with the contrast adjusted for deeper black and brighter white.


A very simple silhouette.  If I turn it sideways, I see mountains and hills.  Perhaps it is simply the beauty of the female form that I am noticing in my cold plastic mannequin…


Warming up the mannequin with a joyful orange glow.


Back to black and white… Looks like a black and white person!  That would be so cool.  I reckon patches or zebra stripes would be pretty amazing!


Fiery…  a living flame within…


Sorry mannequin, even flesh tones do not take away the plastic non-human look about you…


Now that big spot above the tummy really shows up on this one.  It is actually the mannequin’s tummy button.  Yes, they have a tummy button!  It is where the resin was extruded into the molded form.  It just isn’t where a human tummy button is found.


Red As!

I have plans to cover up my mannequin’s nakedness.  If it turns out well, I will share it in a future post.



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