Metamorphosis and the struggle for freedom

A glimpse into the future sometimes comes with a revelation of the past.  I decided to share this on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense.

cicada 9

The kids have grown and this is the first summer that all the cicada shells have remained on the tree trunks all season!

cicada 8

These two look like they are helping their little friend up the tree. Easy to think of the cicadas as being alive, until we see they  are split open, and the telltale threads of spider silk show they have not moved a whisker for some time.  Isn’t he a well-camouflaged little friend?  Check out the next shot for a close-up…

cicada 7

Do you see the little camouflaged spider?  He looks like he is covered in lichen.

cicada 6

Strong claws grip on well after the cicada has struggled free of his old tight exo-skeleton and spread his wings to bask in the delightful sunshine.  After years of crawling around in the dirt and sucking roots, he is free!

cicada 5

Cool hairy legs.  Let’s zoom in on them…

cicada 4

Ooh yeah, the sun is glinting off the bristly hairs.  Looks a bit like those little people from Gulliver’s Travels have tied the cicada down.  I keep thinking ‘Liverpudlians’ – is it not ‘Lilliputtians?’  And did Gulliver get a bit ‘bristly’ at being tied down too?

cicada 3

Ah, beautiful!  Imagine him as big as a lion, and we could ride on his back.  He looks indestructible with full body armour, and watch out for those powerful claws!

cicada 2 cicada 1

A treat to photograph.  Brings back memories of childhood, collecting shells and hooking them on the back of siblings’ T-shirts…  Do you have any memories of cicadas or cicada shells to share?


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