I read the news today, oh boy…***Warning: Attila the Pun, Enter At Own Risk***

Warning: Torso Art

No mannequins were harmed in the making of this torso art.

I heard the news today, oh  boy…

It really blew my mind.  Tore me into strips it did!

DSC07846 copy

I tried not to lose my head over it…  It was in the black of night…


Fashion, it’s Mostly ‘Armless.  I ripped into this project with a passion…  The model was left without a leg to stand on…  Hidden in midnight blue… Not a shred of glamour nor sparkle.

DSC07848 copy prpl

I might have screwed this one up…  Hope it doesn’t show too much!  Deep purple shame.

DSC07851 copy

“It’s a wrap!”  The final cut, laid out for post-production.  Exposed to the light of day.  The report left me in tatters, I was falling apart at the seams…  Must be time to tie up loose ends, and straighten things out…  Ever felt like you’ve been through the wringer?  Just call me ‘Shreddo…’

DSC07852 copy

I see red…  Have you read between the lines?  The news is written all over its face, how it ‘tore so.’  Although it may be hard to see due to being faceless.  Maybe I should stick to pulp fiction.  This one has really been through the mill.  Just part of my body of work…

For more serious commentary, try reading a flat newspaper, or check out a news blog.  Attila the Pun is no laughing matter.

I’ve added this to Photography since it shows the difference Tint and Temperature can make.  Also, playing around with exposure and saturation and the different contrast settings.

Really, on a serious note, this project highlights the frivolity, cheapness, and demeaning depreciation of human life in the world today.  There is a plastic shop mannequin torso underneath the newspaper wrappings, bound up like a mummy in a tomb.  Appreciated only for its form which is used to entice customers.  The throwaway disposableness of the news reflects the apathy of its general audience, who read the human tragedies of life without a blink, before discarding, or dismembering to pass around to others to mock, give a cursory glance, throw into the recycle bin.  Global insensitivity is pierced with blaring headlines to further the spread of scar-tissue in readers’ minds.  The shape of horror is reduced to black squiggles on fish n’ chip wrappers, the contents consumed with careless abandon.

No, I don’t usually read the news………….  I get the general drift.  I’ll be glad when it is over, and prefer good news of things to come, rather than sensationalized horrors of the media today.  For those that enjoy the bloodbath of doom and gloom, there is a warning that it is going to end abruptly one day soon, when all things are exposed to the light.

Reference: Hebrews 4:13,  Google “news torso” and “torso art”

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