Lovely photo slideshow on the front page of Some Photos & Fancies, and this post particularly took my fancy, with a reminder to keep on exploring and discovering in life…

Some Photos & Fancies

STJ2013 Rebel 011b

To explore is to keep stagnation and stigmatizing at bay. When one remains static and does not or refuses to inquire about new and explore new different places, things and ideas one can wind up believing that all their current opinions and ideas and  inevitably correct. We can get so caught up in routine and day-to-day living that we may forget just how fun and refreshing it is to go exploring and discover other ways of looking at life or finding other lives and places to scout out. This leaves us with a bare, joyless life and one very stultifying; with this inertia in place we become less and less likely to take the initiative to question the status quo or search out new areas of interest. One of the worst things we can do if we’ve reached this point is to inflict the same attitude upon our children or other…

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