The Making of Space Face – 3D, Part I

Space Face exits the colouring book and enters 3D-land.  There are some very round Space Face models which followed the “Making of Space Face” video.  I will photograph them along with a couple of very in-the-round Alien friends, and a couple of planets.  Maybe a before and after.  They are air-drying at present, and I am eager to paint them.  C.P.Singleton, this one is for you.

Music courtesy of YouTube: Clappy, by Rob Simonsen (Electronica)

Currently I am searching for animation editing options, as an alternative to Blender.

This is a video for people with 4 mins of time on their hands, and is an uncut look at creating a ‘Space Face’ model with modelling paste.  Here’s the original drawing of Space Face.  Perhaps, dear reader, you may like to create some aliens for Space Face to meet on his adventures through billions of galaxies as he searches for his missing body?

9 thoughts on “The Making of Space Face – 3D, Part I

    • Yes, all is well. I will take a photo and post it, so you can see what it looks like finished. Video takes up heaps of resources. Sorry! I’ll get on to it. So far we have three planets, three alien friends, and three versions of Space Face himself. 🙂 Hope you are well too. Some serious poetry happening on your site!

      • Oooh! Your own version! Need to hear that! 😊 I’m goodish at accents. Maybe when we chat I will through in several and see if you can tell which one ist true accent. Lol
        So, you have planets and characters. Tell me more!
        Serious poetry?

      • You sound querulous about the ‘serious!’

        Love to hear all your accents! I will try not to laugh too much!

        Umm… not much more to tell… the little sculptures are air-drying now, and when they are done I will paint them. And photograph them so you can see what they look like. Then perhaps some sort of video with music and narration, and of course the famous theme song! 😉 And after that, who knows, I may figure out how to suck it all into an animation program somehow…. I am clueless about it at present, so no promises! Then, with your acting experience, who knows, you may be able to run your own show, with the animated characters… Next: World Domination! Mwah-ha-ha-haa! (Yes I am a dreamer!)

        Anyhoo – I am having fun with the life you have infused into my simple drawing.

  1. I am feeling brave about making it public, sort of… so I’m leaving it unlisted, so only those who have the link can view it. Thanks for your encouraging words! I now have a 2D animation program that works with drawings like my colouring pics. I think I will feel more comfortable with that… It’s called Synfig Studio. Yay for OpenSource software!

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