Coloured in colouring pics


Well there it is. The first page of my paperback colouring book, all marked with pencil like a cat would mark its territory! What happened to my long dress, it has wrapped itself around my left foot!


Poor Space Face, this might be a shot of just after the big explosion when he had to start the search for his lost body.


The pressure was great, to make something super-duper-duper special of the first page. When designing the next book, I want to put a few BLANK pages in the way of the first picture. That will take away the performance anxiety! Haha. The colouring is not supposed to ADD anxiety!

Anyway, if you feel anxious, do what I do, and scribble it all out. I felt much much better after making a big colourful scribble. I threw away the fear of what other people might think, or expect. I laughed. It was great.  I drew on the cover too. Makes me feel a bit like a naughty kid. Scribbling in the book, and putting permanent marks all over the cover! Mwah-hahahaha!




This makes me smile. A before ↑ and after ↓ shot.


That’s pretty well it for the night. Unless you want to visit my Youtube channel for a moving picture version of the above. Nothing spectacular, except you do get to hear my voice. I am wondering about singing, you see. If I can get a word in here or there, then maybe one day I might sing…. or tell some stories… or have a chat over a cuppa and a colouring pic gathering for a few minutes.

Well, you twisted my arm. Here’s my very raw video clip… or two.

I grabbed the second music track I could find on YouTube, not getting too serious about matching the music perfectly. Drowns out my voice nicely… hehehe.

Spacey music for the spacey theme…

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