My colouring therapy journal… pg 4 and 5

While my computer slows down to think heavily, I throw away frustration by picking up my colouring pencils and scribbling on my colouring book. Now I think of it as my Colouring Therapy! The biggest thing, possibly, is to release any obligation to rules. Colour outside the lines. Put any colours together, and see how they sing. Hold the pencil any way it feels good at any time.

Feel the scratchy scribbly noises and open up awareness of the emotive powers in the colours on the page. And let go of any thought of creating a masterpiece. Let it flow however it flows.

This is a record of my journal in progress… out of curiosity’s sake for anyone looking in from the outside. The colouring book is very black and white. It is up to the individual to add the colours, shapes and lines which define their own individual, unique way of expressing.



Just as an insight into my own world… I see a blue shadow of a bird on the dinghy page. Both pages give me an Empty Nest feeling. The boat has no oars, and is tied to a mooring. These things have meaning for me personally. The shadow of the large bird is flying away into the past, and a sunnier future is ahead. The colours blue and yellow hold meaning for me in this picture. Basically sad and happy.

The bird on the other page has lost its home, due to no fault of its own. It is sadly no longer camouflaged in its natural setting. The rainbow colours show a colourful and creative bird. The shock shows in its expression, and the way it stands rooted to the spot. The spot where it once had its home. It looks like a rainbow that belongs in the sky. It is likely to be hunted for its feathers.

That’s my colouring therapy for today! It’s interesting how everybody sees something different…

Hope to share some photography again soon.

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