Some butterflies didn’t make it…

butterfly didn't make it

This one didn’t make it out of its cocoon

butterfly didn't make it 2

This one made it out, and got stuck, and its wings stayed crumpled. It died.

butterfly didn't make it 5

So sad.

butterfly didn't make it 3

This one survived the metamorphosis, and its wings filled out, here it is drying them out in the sun. Its wings are still very soft and floppy and it needs to hang upside down quietly for a long time before its wings are ready to fly.

butterfly didn't make it 4

See nearby, at the top right of the picture, there is a another cocoon (chrysalis) still young and green. The caterpillar is busy changing and will come out when it is ready.

butterfly didn't make it 6

This butterfly didn’t make it. See how its wings are not flat or strong. We tried to feed it some lavender nectar. It didn’t last the night.

butterfly didn't make it 7

This chrysalis burst open and the new butterfly didn’t come out. It is stuck in there. Even though it is the right colour and has changed from caterpillar to butterfly.

butterfly didn't make it 8

This butterfly didn’t make it. It has not split open its own cocoon. It is stuck in there.

butterfly didn't make it 9

Milkweed plant, also known as Swan Plant. It’s seed fluff is very soft, silky and downy.

The milkweed plant which feeds and nurtures the beautiful monarch butterfly, has its own cocoon-like seedpods. We call the milkweed a Swan Plant. (Because of the shape of its seedpods) This is a seedpod that has split open, and the fluffy seeds are spilling out. Each seed grows a new habitat for many many butterflies to live on. Some butterflies don’t make it. There needs to be plenty of milkweed plants for monarch butterflies to live on.

butterfly didn't make it 10

Looks more like an old man with a beard than a swan!

butterfly didn't make it 11

Most seeds have already flown away in the wind like mini-parachutists. There are quite a few that have dropped off their parachutes straight on to the ground below.

Most butterflies have already flown away too. And there are plenty more green chrysalises on the Swan Plants and quite a number are showing their true colours as they become ready to hatch. We have lots of healthy plump caterpillars munching on the leaves still too. Some are curling up ready to suddenly wobble into a chrysalis.

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