Questions and Answers and Michelangelo

Okay, it’s time to answer up to my curious blog followers. Pibbs, your questions first!


The cool thing about self-employment!

Pibbs: If you ever wrote a novel–what genre would it be and what would the name of your main character be?

WS: Autobiographical with an anonymous name. And it is very unlikely that I will ever write a novel. I am more of a poet. And twitterpoetry appeals to me best! Only 140 characters to deal with!

Pibbs: If you ever wrote a Non-Fiction book–what subject would it be about?

WS: Probably Bible prophecy.

Pibbs: Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

WS: Not per se. I do believe that a spirit world exists, with beings in it. I don’t believe that those beings are dead people.

Pibbs: What is your favorite season? List your five favorite things about that season.

WS: Any season where the sun shines, and I feel neither too hot, nor too cold.

Five favourite things?

  • Hot fire with a cold night outside.
  • Hot sunshine with cool water to splash in.
  • Fresh crisp mornings with not a cloud in the sky.
  • Kicking around in colourful leaves and seeing the wind catch them and whirl them away.
  • Being well-wrapped in warm thick clothing surrounded in fields of snow to sculpt into artforms.

Pibbs: If you had one minute to talk to your 17 year old self, what would you say?

WS: Oh my goodness what a question! All that comes to mind is actually…. the tears that come into my eyes, nose, and throat. ♦ Okay. Thought about it. “Kick the habits.” For my 18 year old self, I would say, “Well done for kicking them.” And in my twenties? Kick the new habits! Thirties, “Well done.” ♥ More seriously… Stop following the crowd. Be strong on your own. Stand up for your convictions. Walk away from a bad scene, don’t matter who or where. Better off lost alone outside than in a bad crowd.

Pibbs: What song would you choose as your theme song?

WS: First one that comes to mind? “I’m a Survivor.” Mostly for the words, “I’m a Survivor, I’m not gonna Give Up.”

Pibbs: If you could witness one event in history, what would it be and why?

WS: Jesus’ return. For the joy. (Yep, that’s future history!)

Pibbs: Who has been the biggest creative influence in your life?

WS: That’s the hardest question so far! I’ll come back to it. *It came to me, see below!

Pibbs: What is your Dream Quest?

WS: Hmmm… if I combine three of the 12-month goals I am working on, I come up with something like this, “I will upload an artwork daily, in an environment where creative expression aids in healing, and sell my creative works.”

This is alongside homeschooling which is nearing its natural completion, if not perhaps halfway through. My dream to have my own children is one that lasts a lifetime. (“Have” is probably the wrong word and not nearly descriptive enough.) Perhaps, “I dream of being a mum.”

I would like to make a Revelation movie, without explanation, purely passing on the visions that John saw. So much is possible now with the computer graphics packages available. That particular dream is simmering away on the backburner. It likely needs a crew of people who believe in it.

Lastly I dream of a husband. It is not exactly a quest though, so perhaps that doesn’t count! Perhaps better worded as, ” I dream of being a wife.”

Pibbs: Have you started it yet?

WS: Yep.

“David” by Michelangelo. David as in David and Goliath! He is holding a slingshot over his shoulder.

WS: Now… the biggest creative influence??? Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. Also known as Michelangelo Buonarroti, or just plain Michelangelo. My best remembered story which I got out of the biographical novel “The Agony and The Ecstasy” by Irving Stone, was where the antagonistic patron ordered Michelangelo to carve a statue out of ice. Michelangelo decided to carve the most magnificent statue of the patron himself. Only for it to melt the next day. Unfortunately he lost out, because the vain patron then ordered him to make the statue in bronze, which was a medium Michelangelo really didn’t like working with.

I also loved the story behind his famous sculpture ‘David.’ No other sculptor would touch that particular lump of marble, due to its imperfections. It had a huge fault which Michelangelo carved around (that’s why the figure rests its weight on one leg, while the other leg is slightly bent). He could ‘see’ the sculpture within the marble, whereas others couldn’t. They only saw the fault.

Lastly, the endurance of the man, in completing that Sistine chapel ceiling, completely captures my imagination, and wins my admiration. His life to me epitomizes the life of an artist and greatly influences me. He was an artist, poet, architect, and engineer. He lived to 89 years old, and his last work was showing signs of a radical shift in artistic direction. To me, it seems, his creativity never got ‘old.’

That’s it for today. I remember why I don’t do awards. I spend far too much time on answering the questions. Perhaps I could try submitting an art history article to a glossy magazine (or e-zine) somewhere. Or maybe a newspaper Arts section… I wonder if they might pay for a snippet of my research and writing…?

Altogether too many dreams to keep up with. So for now, I am focusing my efforts and time on the Wildersoul Colouring Book. Meet you over there sometime! 🙂

Thanks Pibbs.

(Visit the for the real-time adventure of downsizing to fit into a mobile home lifestyle.)

5 thoughts on “Questions and Answers and Michelangelo

  1. Oh my goodness! What an interesting read! I felt like I was reading an interview in Rolling Stone or People magazine! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this all out! I’m sure your readers are going to be thrilled about getting to know a bit more about you! I know I am!!!!
    Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!!!
    k- (a.k.a.-pibbs 😉 )

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