6 thoughts on “Farewell weather

    • I’m glad you think so! I have some acrylics which hopefully will be enough to finish one painting on canvas. Some of the caps have broken and the paint has set hard! So far it’s coming along quite well… I have some “work in progress” photos which I can upload sometime soon.

      Although I love oils, I’m not so keen on turps any more!

      I like the watercolours and yet couldn’t quite picture this one done in watercolours. What sort of painting did you imagine?

      (I imagine carving the designs in stone!)

      • I picture it in watercolours with a little indian ink to get the darkness of the shoreline and the boats, to help them stand out against the grey’s blues and purples of the sea and sky. using white space for along the foreshore, the sun coming through the clouds and the reflection in the water.

        I’ve never tried sculpture or carving(at least not since I was in school) but I can imagine it painted on a rock (only because I found the perfect rock to paint on yesterday, but have to buy a whole bag to get the one rock I actually want)

        I’m planning on taking up watercolours myself, as soon as I get around to actually putting brush to paper! I don’t think I could do oils, the smell of turps would be way too potent for me. I’ve dabbled with acrylics in the past but not recently.

        Photography is my main form of expression, it’s easier to take a few impromptu photos than to paint an impromptu artwork! The only difficulty is the editing work, I’m still getting the hang of it, and I tend to photograph things as I find them, rather than creating a scene from scratch (if that makes sense)

      • Maybe I could sell photographs… I have only really thought of it as a hobby.

        I have got my watercolour paper and paints out… I can picture exactly what you described about the watercolour painting. I don’t think I have any India ink, so I will have to make do with something else.

        Would love to see the rock painting… send me a link if you take a photo of it! 🙂

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