Rosy capillaries

Whites of eyes

Eyeball photo inspired by OM’s right eye.

I don’t know if I could call this the “whites” of my eyes… they look more like wriggly railroad tracks marked in red ink on an old yellowing map!

Rosy capillaries sounds sweeter, like the name of an Irish Italian playing in the schoolground.

Would you look at the colour of my iris. Not the blue and yellow variety growing around the edges of the garden pond! That iris up there. At a distance it’s easy to say my eyes are brown, and yet if you get close or catch me in a bit of sunlight, there is an underpainting of green within that ring of grey.

What a shocking photo. Here are some more to make it better.

Tiny fit in a box Right eye close-up Need a haircutBefore the haircut

I am so tiny, I can fit in this little box on a blog post! Oops, except when I am so big I can just peek out through a little square window and wonder how I will ever get out! Well, there I am thinking about how much I need a haircut. Except when I remember back to how long it was getting before the last cut (see the very last photo.) So shall I cut it or grow it long?

The night is long and I’m halfway through. It was a day full of research, with music blaring from a PA system salvaged from certain destruction, and fixed by a certain teenage boy who shall remained unnamed. Nothing like hearing music with greater depth than the walls of a tin can. Songs like Impossible, Royal, Radioactive, When Will I Get Some Sleep…

If I can figure out the whole music copyrighting and licensing deal with places like ASCAP, RIAA, and HFA, then I might try some cover songs. In the meantime, the way the music industry works sounds very similar to what can be set up for selling books over the internet. I am learning, and brewing up some ideas…

I think the rosy capillaries are indicative of a need to sleep, even though I don’t feel sleepy. That mugshot third from the left is a tired face. That’s why there’s no zoom on the picture! Haha….

Okay, I’m off now. For prettier pictures, try the colouring book. 🙂

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