Hi all,

This space is where I express myself in full colour…

The black and whiteness of the wildersoul colouring book is starting to feel quite constricting, and this is a good thing, because I feel like I am bursting to share more colourful expressions such as photos, videos, sketches and paintings, along with some form of writing.  I don’t have a plan for how frequently to post here yet… we will all find out soon enough!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this colorful side of you Wildersoul. Maybe you could do Cee’s Share Your World here also, just a thought there…I do hope you won’t abandon the other one or maybe find a way to bring the two together somehow.

    Whatever you decide, I’m following you 😉


    • I love when everyone’s creativity is all mixed in together to create new ways of expressing! Pics and photos mixed with poems or videos, stories that sprout animations – let the creativity flow and mingle 🙂 Thanks for the link – I’ll have a look. I love that people can choose the pics and photos that best express how they feel or think – and honour the ‘someone’ who provided it for their enjoyment. Cool cheerleading 😉 Thanks!

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